iBook Availability (The Big Three)

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Further PowerPage reader feedback has let us further narrow down the story on which iBooks are shipping and where they’re going to. First, PowerPage reader Chris Muldrow tells us how he finally got his iBook:

I’ve been hitting college bookstores hoping for an iBook at education prices, but all of them were quoting 10-30 day delivery times.

I called the Woodbridge, Va. CompUSA and the Microcenter in Fairfax, Va., and they both were out of iBooks.

On a whim, I called the local Sears (Fredericksburg, Va.) and asked if they had iBooks. They had two in stock, priced at $1699. I asked if they’d match CompUSA’s $1599 price, and they gave me 10% off (works out to $1529, I think), and I walked home with it, no waiting.

Never thought I’d recommend trying Sears for anything, but it worked!

Other reader feedback tells the same story, more or less. The big three places to get iBooks right now are CompUSA, Sears, and the Apple Store.

It seems none of the other Apple Authorized Resellers (say nothing of the catalog resellers) have received iBooks yet. Ingram Micro, a large distributor of computer items, has 6000 iBook back-orders and none shipped.

Most education customers have likewise not gotten any iBooks, and it looks like if you’re an education customer and you haven’t gotten your iBook yet, you’ll have to wait at least another week.

As for colors, tangerine and blueberry are about equally represented for those who have received their iBooks, meaning that Apple is probably shipping the same number of each color. But among those who are still waiting, there seems to be more tangerine orders, indicating more demand for tangerine. So if really want an iBook as soon as possible and don’t care about color, go with blueberry.

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