iBook Memory Clarified

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A very astute Go2Mac.com reader brings up an interesting point regarding the new iBook ram specifications:

Hi there! Thanks for the great MacWorld Tokyo reporting.

One thing that I haven’t seen reported anywhere, but that I’ve gleaned from Apple’s site at is that the new iBook configs have a new memory capacity of 320 MB. (As you know the original iBook maxxed out at 160 MB.)

It’s standard configuration is with “64MB of SDRAM; a single 1.25-inch SO-DIMM slot (3.3 volt, PC66 compliant) which supports up to 256MB for a total of 320MB of RAM.”

What I’m a bit unsure about though, is the nature of the configuration when you “build-to-order” an iBook with 128MB (for an extra $200.) As I “built” a system online to check, it sorta looks to me like the 128MB DIMM is in PLACE of the original 64 DIMM (as opposed an additional 64MB DIMM taking up the sole expansion slot.)

Does this mean the *actual* maximum would be 128MB + 256MB = 384MB? Or is there some sort of software limitation preventing all of that from being recognized?

Or, would configuring it with 128MB from the get-go fill up your only available slot (leaving you with a total of 192MB?) Or, even worse, does configuring it with 128MB mean Apple fills the only slot with a 64MB DIMM giving you a total of 128MB? (Unlikely, I’d hope, considering the $200 price tag.) The site is unclear and my call to the Apple Store shed no light on the subject.

Any ramifications on this, of course, would be appreciated!

After confirming with the Apple Store, If you chose the US$200 128MB option: Apple will install another 64MB SDRAM chip totaling 128MB, leaving no option of further expansion (Unless you wish to throw a chip away). The best option is to order the standard configuration and buy a 256MB at your local reseller. 64MB + 256MB = 320MB.

Since the iBook does not include firewire or iMovie,
Go2Mac.com editors want to know, how many iBook owners will be crunching huge Photoshop files with an iBook loaded with 320MB of RAM?

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