iMac Modem Update

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Apple posted a new Tech Info Library article today, addressing a potential point of confusion for Bondi Blue iMac owners running OS 8.6. After installing the newest version of the operating system, the Modem Control Panel will reset to the “Infrared Port” setting. When trying to use the iMac’s internal modem to, say, connect to the Internet, you will recieve a message like this one:

“The modem is not responding properly. Reset the modem, check its connections, and check that the correct port and modem type are selected in the Modem Control panel.”

Apple offers the folllowing solution to the problem:

After installing Mac OS 8.6 on an original iMac, the Modem control panel defaults to the Infrared port. Here are the steps for reconfiguring:

1. Open the Modem control panel.
2. Choose “Internal Modem” in the “Connect via:” pop-up menu.
3. Choose iMac Internal 56K in the Modem pop-up menu.

These settings will be saved in the Modem Preferences file.

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