iMacs Begins to Debut at Sears

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Several readers wrote in to inform us that iMacs are beginning to appear at Sears, Roebuck locations (see “Sears to Sell iMacs” for a blast from the past). The only problem so far seems that the iMacs are overpriced!

[reader one] Just to let you know. My father is playing with a brand new Blueberry iMac at Sears as I type. They came in today in South Carolina. The only problem is that they are priced at $1299!

[reader two] I was at my local Sears in Aurora, IL today picking out a phone and notice a couple of the sales people setting up a Blueberry iMac, so I asked him if they were getting ready for the iMac launch at Sears this weekend. He said that they have been able to sell them for a month now, but the big launch is this weekend. They only had a couple of Blueberry in back at the moment. My wife wants a Grape one for her new business asked what colors and what price. He said he thought they were selling them for $1399, check the inventory computer and said $1299. My wife asked if that was a fair price and I said “no” in front of him, saying Apple’s price is $1199 and some places sell them for $1149. He said they will match any price out there. As for color, he said they could get other colors sent over from other stores if needed.

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