iMacs on TV Down Under

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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For a computer with single-digit market share, the iMac is rather well-known and accepted around the world. Autumn Spaulding writes of iMac sightings on Australian TV:

The national networks in Australia typically at 8:00 have a PSA to say Goodnight to the children. The particular one that interested me was one that I initially thought was an advertisement for iMacs. Zoom up from the Apple logo of a lime green iMac to the face of a big teddy bear, zoom around to him finishing an online chat message, signing off, brushing his teeth, and going to bed, all with the requisite iMac in the picture. It would be enough to make a child think that having an iMac was the obvious and right thing to do. Even Down Under, iMac is popular.

Indeed it is. It seems here in the States, the iMac is so ubiquitous that it no longer seems odd to see them on TV.

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