Informal First Look at the New Apple iMac DV

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Steven Shim

I was at the Computer Store in Bryn Mawr, PA which is a small, independently owned Apple retailer and I was able to check out the new iMac DV. The model they had was a Lime 400MHz iMac DV, with Harmon-Kardon speakers and the slot-loading DVD-ROM drive. It was very nice looking, with a clear, translucent lime colored plastic case and compact, curvy design. The screen quality was bright and crisp and the induction cooling system was visible. It is very quiet compared to other computers because it does not include a fan. I was only able to test out the DVD that was playing (True Lies) and play around with iMovie for a little bit. The DVD quality was excellent and iMovie looks like it is going to be a hot killer app. I was impressed by the quality of the system overall. The performance was excellent, very fast, and everything ran very smoothly. Unfortunately, Apple still refuses to change from the hockey puck style mouse and the keyboard was too small for my taste. More RAM could have been included as well as a larger hard drive. However, it still doesn’t stop the fact that I want one so bad that I would jump of a bridge to get one. 🙂 Especially the Graphite “flavor”.

A more formal review will be forthcoming with pictures and benchmarks.

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