Intrigo Lapstation Laptop Table

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Date: Friday, May 10th, 2002, 12:08
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Intrigo Lapstation B2The Intrigo Lapstation B2 is a portable, folding laptop table that is both convenient and comfortable. The Lapstation B2 is a flat-type table that provides almost enough desk real estate for two TiBooks. The table is made of translucent high-impact polycarbonate which comes in either Smoke, Aqua or Vapor (pictured). The gel wrist pads on the B2 model make working on your portable computer for an extended period of time much more comfortable.

Angled desk tables tend to be more comfortable for using your PowerBook in a horizontal (i.e. lying down) position while flat tables (like the Lapstation series) are more convenient for using a laptop while sitting up (with pillows behind you) or when sitting on a couch. The Lapstation B2 includes two cool zippered pockets on each side of the unit allowing a good amount of storage for cables, chargers or accessories. The Lapstation B2 costs US$100 and is available from the Intrigo store.

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