iPad Air 2 dummy mockup photos show possible recessed volume buttons, other changes

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Date: Tuesday, June 17th, 2014, 12:13
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There may be some changes to this year’s iPad Air.

Per AppleInsider and French web site Nowhereelse.fr, pictures of a nonfunctioning dummy model iPad Air shows an indented space for two elongated volume buttons, representing a change from the current iPad Air where the buttons protrude. The mockup was first spotlighted on Tuesday by Nowhereelse.fr.


Strangely, the dummy device also lacks a mute/orientation lock switch above the volume buttons, and instead has just a small circular hole. To date, all iPad models have featured a toggle switch above the volume controls, just like every iPhone.

While it’s entirely possible that the mockup is a fabrication, or represents a design that Apple tested but ultimately decided not to use, an updated iPad Air is expected to arrive this fall, about one year after the launch of the 2013 model.

The mockup of a white iPad also shows the same design of a blank home button with silver ring around it found on the white iPhone 5s with Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Apple is widely expected to bring Touch ID to its iPad lineup later this year, allowing for secure access to its tablets and also potentially opening the door for quick multi-user support or other advanced functions.


A pair of other minor changes are also portrayed in the mockup. The alleged design has a tiny circular microphone hole next to the camera hole, which would be a change from the elongated microphone hole that is centered atop the current iPad Air.

Finally, on the bottom of the mockup device, the stereo speaker grille located to the left and right of the Lightning connector space features a single row of circles. The current iPad Air features two rows of smaller circles for its speaker grille.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

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