iPad – Successor to the iPod

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Date: Friday, February 15th, 2002, 14:10
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Insanely Great Mac is running a story about the latest Apple PDA rumor. (“Is Apple Planning an iPad Running the Palm OS? Taiwan Tells All“)

A story at MacGeneration (France) has linked to a translation of an article on the Taiwanese computer industry, which has been translated by Brandon Chen at his OS X site.

The industry story suggests that Apple may have contracted Invectec Appliances, maker of the iPod, to manufacture the iPad, a convergence of the iPod and a PDA, which will apparently run the Palm OS. The iPad allegedly will remain an MP3 player, but will assume PDA functions as well.

Almost everyone thinks that the iPod is capable of delivering much more than music, in fact Apple went out of their way to make sure that the iPod isn’t labeled only as an “MP3 Player” in its marketing materials. Is the iPad something that would appeal to you? What are your most desired features in such a device?

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