iPhone 6 mock-ups show up in Hong Kong

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Date: Thursday, April 17th, 2014, 09:09
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The iPhone rumors and speculation are hitting a fever pitch as demonstrated at the 2014 Hong Kong Electronics Fair. The expo is billed as Asia’s largest spring fair that highlights a variety of products from OEMs and aftermarket vendors. Several case and accessory makers are already advertising items for the yet unseen iPhone 6, and as shown in the image above, and not afraid to advertise the fact on banners and displays.

On Tuesday, the Japanese web site Mac Otakara released a video and photos taken at the fair that shows tooled metal mock-ups which the vendor claims are of the iPhone 6 and are presumably what the exhibitor used to create their iPhone 6 cases.


AppleInsider notes that the mock-up looks very similar to photos from China purporting to be of the iPhone 6 in production, which have some odd physical characteristics such as a protruding rear-facing camera and the absence of the iPhone 5S’ dual tone flash.

It’s not unusual for manufacturers to take rumors and photos like these into account to create products in the hope that they can get the jump on competitors, so it’s safe to assume that these mock-ups will differ from the final device. That said, some details like the overall dimensions may match up with Apple’s designs, assuming they do go with the larger form factor that many are speculating. Personally, I’m still not sure I’d like a bigger phone.

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