iPhoto 1.1 Available on Ivory TiBooks

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Date: Friday, May 3rd, 2002, 01:00
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Apple briefly posted iPhoto 1.1 (25 MB) Wednesday only to remove it after a brief stint on its FTP servers. The 1.1 update never made it to Apple’s iPhoto page or to Software Update.

The updated iPhoto does, however, come pre-loaded on the new “Ivory” (DVI) 667/800 MHz PowerBook G4 Titaniums announced on Monday. This MacRumors story has links to three screen-shots if you are so inclined.

The iPhoto Read me listed the following key improvements:

  • email your photos using Apple Mail
  • adjust brightness and contrast to improve the appearance of your photo
  • retain and display EXIF data (image and camera information about each photo)
  • automatically create an album by dragging a folder of photos into the Photo Library list
  • import directly from a Photo CD or Picture CD
  • import a group of photos as separate film rolls by dragging a folder with sub folders into the photo viewing area
  • set your desktop image from within iPhoto
  • set your screen saver from within iPhoto

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