iPhoto Notes: iPhoto Needs Some Tweaking

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Date: Wednesday, January 9th, 2002, 13:04
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iPhoto looks like it will be a killer app…much the same as iTunes has become. But iPhoto needs a few more tweaks before it is truly ready for mass use.

As many readers of Go2Mac already know, the slide shows iPhoto posts to iDisks aren’t compatible with the latest MacOS X versions of OmniWeb, Opera, or Netscape.

Other reports are throw-backs to the 1.0 release of iTunes. iPhoto doesn’t allow the user to select a location for the photos, and renaming or moving photo files wreaks havoc with iPhoto’s library file.

These (among others) don’t seem like insurmountable problems. Here’s to hoping we get an update to iPhoto in the very near future.

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