iPod Ad Debuts During The West Wing

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Date: Wednesday, November 14th, 2001, 22:51
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An iPod TV commercial debuted during NBCs The West Wing on Wednesday.


The new ad starts with a shot of the back of a Firewire iBook and a guy sitting at it while bobbing his head to “Take California” by the Propellerheads. The sound is kinda tinny, so it was supposed to be coming from the iBook. As the camera pans around to show what the guy is doing, you can see the iPod on the desk next to the iBook.

The guy at the computer can be seen moving an MP3 file to a playlist in iTunes (the iPod icon in the source window is clearly seen). the guy then unplugs the Firewire cable from the iPod, puts on his head phones, scrolls the scroll wheel on the iPod and presses the center of the scroll wheel. The music then comes in at full stereo and the guy proceeds to dance around the room towards a door. right before he walks out of the room, he drops the iPod into his shirt pocket. The ad then fades to white and shows the iPod logo with the words “Don’t steal music” as a tag line.

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