iPod: Prelude to iPhoto?

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Date: Thursday, October 25th, 2001, 00:04
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I really liked Jay M.’s musings on the iPod as a media device. It brings to mind an interesting question. At the press event on October 23, Steve Jobs showed "a four piece pie chart" which showed video (iMovie 2), DVD (iDVD 2), music (iTunes 2) and photo. What’s interesting is that there is no application listed for the photo quadrant.

The question has been asked before if Apple was interested in developing something that would become iPhoto, and the pie chart would seem to indicate that it is. The question is what type of application would it be? A souped up Image Capture that let’s you rotate and catalog photos? or something more robust like a Photoshop Lite.

What if the iPod were not just a media device to shuttle material, but is being viewed as something similar to a digital wallet? If you have an iPhoto application, you can already do music, throw in some QuickTime, and maybe a sync with Address Book and Mail and you’ve got a pretty good mini-iBook. The iPod seems to have a lot of potential for growth in terms of functionality. You’ve got to wonder what Apple has in mind.

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