iPod Silicone Jacket

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Date: Friday, May 10th, 2002, 12:37
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iPod Silicone JacketiPod Silicone Jacket US$34 is a Japanese product from MacImports that is one kick ass iPod case! A thin silicone sheath, the SiliJacket protects your iPod from scratches and the impact of everyday use.

There are two type of iPod cases: those that provide a clip and those that don’t. The iPod Silicone Jacket is the latter. Although you can’t easily attach it to yourself with a clip, you can throw it into a pocket or into another case. The SiliJacket is perfect for shuttling your iPod from pocket to desk to car.

The 5 millimeters (or so) of semi-translucent silicone rubber provide an incredible amount of protection to the iPod without destroying the beautiful industrial design of the world’s best HD MP3 player. There is a cutout for the shuttle wheel, the display and through the top making it easy to insert and remove.

An added bonus: the iPod Silicone Jacket is slip-proof preventing your iPod from sliding around on your seat or center console while driving. The Firewire plug stays on by connecting to your headphone jack, another small design feature that makes this product great. The Firewire port plug reminds me of another great MacImports product, the US$15 iBook Port Protector.

The iPod Silicone Jacket is available from MacImports for US$34.

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