iPod: The word is getting out…

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Date: Saturday, November 17th, 2001, 12:16
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I’m well known at the barber shop I go to as being a “techie”, and the staff there often asks me for updates on the “latest stuff”. This morning, I went in for a haircut and the man cutting my hair asked if I’d seen that “commercial on TV where the man is listening to music and dancing, and he puts the songs on that little device and it says you can have 1000 songs in your pocket”, and I told him that it was called an iPod and I listed off a few of the iPod’s specs. Pretty soon, the entire barber shop was talking about the iPod, it was pretty amazing. They all want to switch to Macs so they can use the iPod..they were pleased to hear me say that Windows compatibility may be coming in the future.

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