iPod Tips: Powered FireWire for iPod?

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Date: Sunday, November 11th, 2001, 01:51
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Apparently the iPod requires a powered FireWire bus, so older G3 laptops using the likes of Orange Micro’s and Newer’s FireWire PC Card products will be unable to enjoy this device.

I verified this at the Apple Store in Schaumberg, IL today with my ol’ workhorse Wallstreet and the Orange Micro card. The staff tried putting the iPod into “manual” FireWire mode but this also failed to have it show up either in iTunes or on the desktop.

It occurred to me after leaving that perhaps a powered FireWire hub would facilitate this connection, but that would be a whole other set of wires and mess ruining the beautiful simplicity of the compact iPod and it’s single cable device connection to a laptop. The best solution is to upgrade to a laptop with built-in FireWire.

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