iPod Uses Sub 2-Inch HDD, Plays Hi-Fi Audio

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Date: Wednesday, October 24th, 2001, 03:44
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We have the technology: a look at the HD mechanism needed to power the new iPod.

Relating to Al Luckow’s article and what new technology is worth:

The iPod is 2.43 inches wide. The 5 GB HDD inside has to be something very special, like a sub 2-inch drive mechanism.

Those are very scarce and the only one we found comes from Toshiba:


This is leading technology and the price per GB is definetely a lot higher than what Al Luckow compares it to (the 6 GB 2.5-inch drive).

The iPod also contains 32 MB solid state memory as a buffer. It has FireWire, and even recharges form the FireWire connection. We think it is weird that neither Apple themselves, nor anyone else (to our knowledge) have stated the existence of a sub 2-inch drive (actually 1.8 inch) in the iPod, and discussed the economic consequenses of such a choice.

Finally, since we happen to be “High End Audio fanatics”, and also “Apple fanatics”, we also see the merit of the iPod being able to handle AIFF and WAVE files, which means UNCOMPRESSED audio in the portable format of the iPod. This means that at least 7 full CDs can be recorded uncompressed onto the iPod, and this means that as a HIGH END playback device for demonstration purposes (are you listening CES and THE SHOW fellow attendees and exhibitors?), this device could be a GODSEND.

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