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Date: Friday, October 19th, 2001, 16:10
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I think that I have a great idea for a product that just may be the secret MP3 related device that Apple is planning to introduce next week. It’s the iStudio.

Say you have a band and you want to make CD’s or share them online. Well, why go to a recording studio when you can use this new device? Place the device in the room and start playing. The device will use QuickTime technology to record your playing.

Then your music can be sent to your Mac via FireWire or Airport if we’re lucky. On the Mac it is converted to MP3 using iTunes. You can then burn a CD or put it on the Web. Just a theory, but pretty cool, huh?

[…Like it Centurion, like it. Personally I am thinking that it will be a portable MP3 player or co-branded Palm devices. Ah Fridays… -Ed]

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