iVase Hopes to Make All "Super Lucky"

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Our friends at Freeverse Software were kind enough to send us an iVase for testing purposes. Well, after two days of extensive lab work on the glass beauty, the word “impressed” doesn’t begin to describe our sentiment. I think “elderly” is a better word. But that has nothing do with the iVase. Following the easy to read and understand 3 step set up instructions, we were able to assemble and mount our iVase in a matter of seconds. Adding our matching rose, the iVase now provides a lovely complement to the already sexy iMac look and feel. I have never before felt such an urge to lick that tangerine shell as today. For just US$8.95, the iVase is a beautiful iMac addition.

A note of warning: Read step one carefully! Minor suction control problems were cleared up when Freeverse mascot Jen reminded us to moisten the cup before applying. No problems since. We are virtually certain that the iVase is built on proprietary iMac technology, as it was unable (possibly unwilling) to remain attached to any other monitor we tried.


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