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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Micro Conversions, Inc., the producers of the Game Wizard and iWizard upgrade cards, has recently gone out of business. Micro Conversions closed its doors on the 26th of May, when the courts which were monitoring Micro Conversions’ reorganizational plan decided that the company could not continue under Chapter 11 any longer.

A few employees have started a new company called iWonder, Inc., which has control of Micro Conversions’ technological rights and support services. They will apparently take over the production of the Game Wizard and iWizard gaming cards. They also offer “seamless” support for all of Micro Conversion’s products. From the Micro Conversions Web site:

iWonder is currently developing additional really-cool Mac? products. The iWizard? line will be their flagship product until those new products yield.

Currently the two companies are still in negotiations, but iWonder informs us that they should be completed within a week or two. iWonder’s Web site will have more details soon.

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