Jaguar: Prelude to a Release

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Date: Monday, July 1st, 2002, 13:18
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ThinkSecret has posted an updated article on the 6c7x build of Jaguar, the forthcoming successor to Mac OS 10.1, that includes details of speed improvements, better anti-aliasing control and the first demonstration of Ink, Apple’s updated handwriting-recognition software in use with a Wacom tablet. 22 Screen shots to boot! Cool stuff!

It now appears that Jaguar will ship with four levels of anti-aliasing, or font smoothing: Strong, Medium (best for Flat Panel), Light, and Standard (best for CRT).

Additionally, support for subpixel rendering on LCDs is very “apparent,” say sources who have tested it. “It makes a huge difference,” one commented. “Less tearing, and a bit less ghosting. It’s getting better.” Additionally, this improves game play on LCDs.

Using a Wacom tablet, sources were finally able to test out Ink, Apple’s handwriting recognition technology, with this build. The results were spectacular, as seen in the screenshots below. Ink options have been modified and expanded upon in recent builds, and the Ink application itself has received an interface overhaul. Sources tested out Ink with a variety of applications, including Microsoft Word, and it’s performance was worthy.

The PowerPage believes that Jaguar (Mac OS 10.2) is ahead of schedule and that Steve Jobs will announce that it is available at Macworld Expo or shortly thereafter. Maybe a CD under the seat at the keynote? Stay tuned for more Expo prognostication later this week.

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