Jaguar Preparedness Kit

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Date: Friday, August 23rd, 2002, 06:22
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Don’t let Jaguar catch you by surprise. First, check out our friends Nitrozac and Snaggy’s fabulous depiction of a 10.2 release party in today’s Joy of Tech, complete with catsuits. Was this inspired by the PowerPage Soho Jaguar Party’s exclusive costume contest (invitations still open)? You’ll also want to hit the grocery store to buy the necessary ingredients for some tasty Jaguar Genius pizza in case your Mac geek significant other gets hungry. On a more practical note, be sure to download Unsanity’s updates to FruitMenu and WindowShade X, just released, so these fabulous utilies will work with 10.2. (What? You didn’t have these under 10.1? Go download them right now!) And for those of you who wish Jaguar Release Day could last the whole year round, you can stock up on Jaguar Genius apparel at Geek Culture or slick black “Cat got your tongue?” t-shirts from MacSurfShop. As for those of you Scrooges who think all of this is ridiculous, don’t worry, next week we expect things to go back to normal. There’s even an iMac rip-off coming from Gateway. Killjoys, your day will come.

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