Jay and Silent Bob Strike MAC

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Date: Thursday, August 30th, 2001, 09:09
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After seeing the new Kevin Smith movie last night, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, I felt just a bit stupider than before I entered the show. But, I did remember the fact that in every scene where there was a computer, the computer was a Mac. When Jay and Bob visit Holden, a character from “Chasing Amy”, he has not only a G4 with a 17″ LCD, but he has about four other iMacs in his graphics studio.

The set manager even left the boxes out that the Macs came in. In another scene in a Mooby’s fast food restaurant, you’ll notice an ApplePro keyboard, and a 15″ LCD. So, I am guessing that either Smith is a big fan, or got a nice payoff from Apple. How does that work? If Apple will pay me, I’d be glad to have my PowerBook appear in the background of my kids’ baby videos. Heck, I might even throw it in there for free.

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