Jobs Confirms That iPad Won’t Offer Tethering Functionality

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Date: Monday, March 8th, 2010, 06:55
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You’ve got to love Steve Jobs for one reason alone: he gets to the point.

Per 9 to 5 Mac, Apple CEO Steve Jobs answered a customer question on Friday, his reply making it quite clear that the iPad will not support tethering to the iPhone.

A Swedish Mac user emailed Jobs directly to ask whether or not he could tether a Wi-Fi only iPad to his iPhone to provide an Internet connection. Jobs simply replied, “No.”

On some jailbroken iPhones it is possible to create a Wi-Fi network, allowing other devices to connect and use the 3G data plan. This option isn’t available unless the phone is jailbroken.

Tethering is something that AT&T users have long desired that the company has never delivered on. A possible reason is that AT&T is worried about tethering bringing its network down. The company’s network has been brought down in major cities around the U.S. before, so this may be a likely concern.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

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3 Responses to “Jobs Confirms That iPad Won’t Offer Tethering Functionality”

  1. I am wondering why Apple decided not to enable this feature. Well, personally I think people will tend to jailbreak their iphone to get this functionality. If they don't want this to happen, they should consider what people demand.

  2. My daughter uses tethering on her iPhone for her MacBook all the time and she loves it. She is on Roger's network in Canada. She's on the go a lot and doesn't always have wifi access but with her iPhone it doesn't matter. No wires and internet everywhere. What fun.

  3. Helllo,

    Has there been a date to when the TomTom app version 1.3 will roughly be coming out and available for purchase? I am very keen to purchase the newer version, especially since the new version will be featuring the live traffic link.
    Thank you,

    Charlotte – from St Albans, Hertfordshire