Jobs to Upstage Gates at Revised Keynote [Updated]

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Date: Wednesday, December 19th, 2001, 01:26
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MacWorld UK is theorizing that Steve Jobs may have wanted to get his Macworld Expo keynote address in before the Bill Gates gives his at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates is giving a keynote at another show, CES (Consumer Electronics Show), on 6.30pm Monday evening in Las Vegas – which would have preceded the Jobs Macworld Expo announcements.

Now, Steve is ahead of Bill again.

In October, Apple announced its iPod digital-music player one day before Microsoft introduced its Windows XP operating system.

Another theory is that the Apple booth is going to be so decked out with new LCD iMacs and faster G4 (not G5) towers that Steve does not want anyone to see the show floor until after the keynote address.

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