Joint Task Force on Computer Network Defense Open for Business

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Government Computer News is reporting that the Defense Department?s Joint Task Force on Computer Network Defense, which opened for business last December, has been quite busy since it has moved into it new digs in Arlington, Virginia given the rising waves of cyber-attacks nation-wide. Part of the United States Space Command and reporting to the commander-in-chief at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, the task force uses global network management capability to monitor and analyze problems on DOD systems and to coordinate responses.

For well over a year now, individuals in the defense and intelligence communities have been giving the warning of an electronic Pearl Harbor that may threaten the nation’s telecommunications and defense department?s networks. The establishment of this rapid-response team signals the ever-increasing involvement of the federal government in cyber-space.

“So far, none of the cyber-threats has proved serious. But Hamre said DOD?s primary mission is to prepare for the next battle, buying the infrastructure in advance that we know we are going to need at some time.”

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