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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Do you feel left out from the MP3 revolution because most of those cool portable MP3 players aren’t Macintosh-compatible, let alone iMac-compatible? NoBeige.com reader, Fredrich Dengel, wrote in to inform us that there is Macintosh-compatible portable MP3 player called the Pontis MPlayer3. The only snag-fu is that you need a USB-serial port adapter to connect to your iMac:

We received our Pontis mp3 player about a week ago. It is working beautifully. There have been timely updates to the LED software (v.1.08 currently) that allows transfer of MP3 files from our Rev. A iMac (OS 8.6 with current firmware update) via a Keyspan Serial/USB converter to the Pontis device. Audocatalyst software is our choice for ripping cd tunes and encoding them to mp3 format. The Pontis player is well designed, very compact and has a simple interface. Smart media cards (currently available in 8 and 16 megs) are easily exchanged from the two available slots. My son tells me the sound quality is a step above his friends Rio. So far so good.


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