Kihei: Apple to Have Happy Holidays

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A reader, Tikiman, wrote in with a few interesting quotes from a Salomon Smith Barney research report from earlier this month. AppleInsider also noted this report in their article, “New iMacs Not Due Till Mid-Fall.”

“Apple’s stated intention is to limit iMac shipments into the retailchannels this quarter (Sept.) in order to limit its exposure to priceprotected channel inventory ahead of October’s iMac product refresh.”

It goes on to talk about “the real excitement” during Apple’s Decemberquarter, “Management reiterated its intention to refresh several of itsproduct lines before the peak holiday selling season. We believe that Applewill refresh both the iMac and the Power Mac. This Power Mac refresh wouldcome several months ahead of Apple’s stated goal of a major architecturalchange within each product category every twelve months. In order for Appleto truly take advantage of peak Holiday demand, these new products wouldhave to ship into the channel in volume during October.”

A recent MacWeek article (“FireWire coming to consumer Macs?“) notes that Kihei, the next iMac revision, will ship in September while that AppleInsider report contends that it will ship in mid-Fall. Stay tuned.

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