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Date: Friday, May 3rd, 2002, 01:31
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Laptop LaidbackIf you’re like me, you probably use your PowerBook just about everywhere. Not just at the office, school, home or a client’s location, but several locations within your own home. At home I have a nice desk setup with a cooling stand, external monitor and peripherals, I even have an awesome Herman Miller Aeron chair. But do I use my PowerBook at said desk? Not really.

I estimate that I use my home office desk setup about 20 percent of the time I am at home. The other 80 percent of the time I use my PowerBook either on the couch or in bed. Anyone who has used a PowerBook G4 for more that 30 minutes knows that bottom can get uncomfortably hot. I use the US$30 Podium Coolpad from Roadtools when I am on the couch, but in bed I use the US$89 Laptop Laidback from Laidback We ‘R’ Inc. (pictured at right).

My physician tells me that I shouldn’t use my PowerBook in bed as the brightness of the LCD can lead to insomnia and other unsavory medical conditions. I tell him that I am at my most productive in the wee hours of the morning some times. Generally, I agree with the theory that the bedroom should be reserved for sleep, but there are times when I need to be using my PowerBook from the comfort of bed.

The Laptop Laidback is a small wooden table that straddles your lap, similar to a breakfast-in-bed table, except that it sits on an angle suited for using a laptop. The Laptop Laidback has adjustments for the height and angle so that you can tweak it just perfectly for you. The table assembles and disassembles easily and can be stored flat.

The Laptop Laidback comes with velcro that the manufacturer recommends you use to secure the bottom of your ‘Book to prevent it from sliding off. The manufacturer also recommends not using the LL if you are sleepy as it could be hazardous to your hardware if you nod off and awake bolt upright. Don’t laugh, this happened to me years ago with my first generation LL and a PowerBook G3. I woke up suddenly (no velcro) and my Wallstreet went flying and landed on my bedroom floor face-down with the clamshell open 180 degrees. It was completely unharmed.

The Laptop Laidback serves as an excellent, comfortable stand that has increased my evening productivity tremendously. It also has the added benefit of keeping my lap cool by elevating the hot PowerBook CPU well up and away from me. The adjustability is also key, providing virtually unlimited configurations. If you frequently use your PowerBook at home or in bed, I highly recommend the Laptop Laidback. Check it out.

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