Laptop Luggage: RoadWired Compact Attache

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Date: Tuesday, March 26th, 2002, 00:00
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RoadWired Compact @ttache Laptop luggage comes in all sizes for all applications. A small sleeve case like the Waterfield is perfect for quick jaunts to the local caffeine purveyor or between meetings. A behemoth messenger bag like the Timbuk2 is appropriate for weekends when you need absolutely all your schwag and its associated batteries, cables and adapters.

But what about in between?

I have found what may be the perfect solution: the RoadWired Compact @ttaché [US$99]. The Compact @ttaché is a smaller version of the company’s Standard @ttaché bag that somehow manages to squeeze a TiBook and 16 pockets into its svelte design.

The Compact @ttaché just fits a PowerBook G4 Titanium (even with the TiTote handle attached), some papers or a magazine, Palm and phone. The bag is square in shape and it fits your TiBook in a traditional landscape orientation while in the bag. The bag is the perfect “in between” bag because there is enough room for some cables and a minimal set of accessories, but not enough pockets so that you bring the kitchen sink. The bag is thin leaving little room for those extra trade rags that you lug around, but that is probably a good thing.

The Compact @ttaché features a burly handle that a construction worker would appreciate. It has a large diameter and feels strong and significant. The shoulder strap is adjustable and features a curved, no slip design so that it won’t slide off your shoulder. My favorite feature is the neoprene outer pocket that is conveniently located on the flap, it provides a good place to stash your Palm and phone. Because the pocket is neoprene it stretches enough to cram your digicam in there when you have to.

The main computer compartment is protected by shock-absorbing foam interlinings and an adjustable/removable padded panel allows you to create a precise fit. It also features double padding on the bottom and a continuous webbing strap that goes around the perimeter of the bag and through the handle. This continuous strap supports the bag securely and evenly from the bottom, rather than the sides. Bonus points for the Hide and Go Home secret pocket, but you’ll have to find that one on your own.

The Compact @ttache is available for US$79.95 from DevDepot.

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