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Date: Monday, June 24th, 2002, 13:24
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Another Ti bag arrives, but the price is right: just US$39.95 for a messenger-style backpack with extensive compartments! Read on; here’s our own Bob Snow: The TiBag is custom designed to fit the Apple G4 PowerBooks. Made of black polyester with a silver embroidered logo, this bag orients the PowerBook vertically with a large flap over the top secured by a Velcro strip. This bandolier style carrier is most comfortable and secure worn crossing the chest and over the neck with the computer against the small of one?s back. I especially like the vertical orientation for negotiating tight quarters. This bag works best lightly loaded and weighs only about a pound and a half empty. The zipper pulls are large and comfortable, but the pull on one of the small inner hanging pouches will scratch the finish on your TiBook if you don?t remember to drape it over the laptop after inserting. I would also suggest that the inner divider that separates the laptop from the other inner compartment should be the one that is padded, to protect the thin laptop from any hard objects you might put in the case. Another nice touch is the more comfortable mesh fabric panel that rests against your body. In addition to an outer zippered pocket, there are plenty of inner pockets and three pen holders. A small velcro phone case secures the two lengths of extremely wide strap. It would be helpful if this bag had a carry handle and I bet it would look great in grey, but otherwise this bag is my first choice for carrying my PowerBook G4 with just a few accessories in comfort and with style. The price is a surprisingly low US$39.95 plus shipping.

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