LaptopCooler Incompatible With PowerBook G3

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Several readers have reported problems using the LaptopCooler from 3dCool with their PowerBook G3s. This is a problem that Apple is working to resolve. The 15% restocking fee on returns to 3dCool will be waived for PB G3 owners who have experienced these problems.

Reader #1:

It didn’t work in my PowerBook Lombard, nor in a Compaq. I sent it back, and 3DCool said “it works for us” so wouldn’t refund my money. They wanted to charge me a 15% restocking fee. Eventually we settled on me paying the $8 shipping and them giving me back the full price. They say that many other PowerBook users have been buying them and complaining.

Reader #2:

My Lombard freezes at startup when the fan is in place. If I put it in while the computer is running, it works but then it won’t wake up from sleep. I wondered if anyone had used the item and had luck making it work.I’m running 8.1 still. I contacted the manufacturer but they claim no driver or extension is needed for the fan.

Reader #3:

My PB 300mhz doesn’t like it, when I pop the PC card in, the mac thinks it’s a 6meg removable drive and wants to format it. If I cancel, it ejects…’s on it’s way back to 3dcool tomorrow, figured you might want to post a note to folks that it might not be the ticket for a overheating PB.

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