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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Several readers have reported problems using the LaptopCooler from 3dCool with their PowerBook G3s. This is a problem that Apple is working to resolve.

From a programmer at Apple to 3dCool:

Apple’s PCCard Manager will fall back on assuming that a card that it is having difficulty with is a SRAM card. I would guess that this is what is happening here, that the 6Mb hard drive business is really asking to initialize what it thinks is a 6Mb SRAM card.

The best way to approach the problem is if you could send me a copy of the data in your card’s configuration registers and/or CIS. I can take a look, and trace through our code to see why we think the card is a SRAM card.

In the meantime, a reader offers this temporary solution:

I decided to try it anyway – and it does work, but there is a glitch that keeps it from working full time. When inserted into my 266 Wallstreet, the fan immediately starts to run, but then the dialog appears asking me to initialize the 6MB disk (as other users have previously reported). However, if you quit the finder, the dialog closes and the fan continues to run. Once this is done, the card can be inserted and removed without further dialogs appearing. If Apple had only put a “Cancel” button on those initialize dialogs, we’d all be fine!

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