Leaked pictures show alleged, fully-assembled next-gen iPhone, test software

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Date: Thursday, August 4th, 2016, 08:09
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This might just be the real McCoy.

A series of leaked pictures show what might be a fully assembled “iPhone 7,” with the shots showing a functional device that may have Apple’s hardware pre-release “Switchboard” toolset installed.

The pictures came from a China-based team that specializes in mobile device repair. Some applications are shown on the display such as the radio transmitting and receiving tester “WiPASmini,” as well as “MesaCal” which is used for testing Touch ID.

These applications are associated with Apple’s “Switchboard” pre-release testing suite, which has accidentally appeared on consumer devices from time to time.

An iOS build of 14A92340t is displayed on the screen. The current build number in the iOS 10 beta 4 is 14A5322e, with a known build number for the iOS 8-based version of Switchboard of 12A93650o.

This build number does not correspond to current consumer iOS builds, but does match the iOS 10-associated version of Switchboard.

The images show a certain lack of attention to detail on the rear printing. The Apple logo embossed on the back of the case is indistinct in the lower left corner, and the fuzziness does not appear to be graphical compression artifacts or focus problems.

The ‘iPhone” text on the back seems to be hazy and there are no physical details in the pictures that differentiate them from previous renderings or mockups. The headphone jack is still absent, which only continues speculation about its removal upon release of the next-gen iPhone.

Apple is expected to release the next-gen iPhone in September with current rumors pointing to a September 9th preorder date with an official launch a few weeks later.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via AppleInsider and Nowhereelse.fr

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