Lisa mouse used by Steve Jobs is retreived from time capsule

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Date: Tuesday, February 25th, 2014, 08:46
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Jobs-83-Lisamouse-1A video that was acquired by CNET that shows part of the excavation of the “Steve Jobs Time Capsule” recording during the show Diggers on the National Geographic Channel from last year. The show is gearing up for its season premiere, and full details of the excavation of the Steve Jobs Time Capsule will start off the season on February 25.¬†As the story goes, Steve Jobs gave a talk at the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983. In that talk, he talked about the future of technology and eluded to several concepts such as the iPad, wireless networking, and cloud services such as the App Store.

Afterwards, he donated the mouse that he was using to a collection of items that would be placed in a time capsule, actually called the “Aspen Time Tube”, which was then buried in a field. Unfortunately, due to changes in the landscape over the next 30 years, the exact location of the capsule was lost, and its original excavation plan for 2000 has to be postponed. That’s where the crew of the Diggers show come in. After an extensive search of the field last September, the tube was finally found and unearthed.


After sorting through the huge stash of items, one of which was a Rubik’s Cube, they finally found the mouse sealed up nicely in a plastic bag.


The show, premiering later today, will make a nice salute to Steve Jobs’ birthday which was yesterday on the 24th. Steve Jobs’ was born¬†February 24, 1955 and would’ve been 59.

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