Lombard Apple Logo Illumination Controversy Put to Rest

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Since our original story on the Lombard Apple Logo Illumination, we have received countless email regarding the famous insignia adorning the PowerBook’s cover. First, it should be noted that the Wallstreet‘s Apple logo does indeed glow, albeit faintly, when the PB is in a darkened room. This is due to the LCD shining through the translucent logo. The controversy sparked by the email from the attendee of the WWDC Beer Bash left many readers wondering if the logo on the Lombard will glow as well. We received two emails that seem to end the debate once and for all. Chris Alemany wrote:

I was one of those “younger guys” gathered around the spokeswoman as she held up the Lombard at the WWDC Beer Bash. She said that the logo does not light up by itself, rather, it is lit indirectly by the screen in front (ie. it’s made of translucent plastic, like the iMac and G3s). So this feature will be in the Lombards that will ship soon.

Then why did the Apple “spokeswoman” (who happens to be the product manager of the Lombard) tell the “young Asian man” that his “won’t light up like that?” Well, we also heard from him. Andrew Wong told us:

I was the “not so young” *grin* Asian man that was mentioned in the article. I want to clarify what the Apple spokeswoman said. I actually asked her if the PowerBook G3 300/DVD I bought 10 days ago (grrr) would light up. — Wish I could give it back and get the Lombard…O well. She said no. However, she did confirm that all the new Powerbooks will have glowing Apple logos.

According to our sources, the new PowerBook’s logo will glow more brightly than the Wallstreet because an obstruction between the LCD and the logo has been removed from the Lombard. I guess we’ll know for sure if we ever get our PowerBooks…

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