Lombard Apple Logo Illumination

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A PowerPage source mentions some apparent confusion about Lombards glowing Apple logo:

I meant to drop you a note right after WWDC, but work kept me busy, and I was hoping Apple would release lombard on schedule.

At the Beer Bash on Wednesday night, near the end of the night, lombard was demoed briefly outside of the cafeteria to the left, when facing it from the courtyard. A woman held up a Lombard playing a DVD movie (Top Gun, I believe), surrounded by about 10 younger guys. The Apple logo shone brightly and upside down as you reported. While I was standing there for about two minutes, a young Asian man walked up to the product manager, and asked her something like “will mine light up like that?” and she definitely answered, “No”. I presume he was one of the lucky lombard winners at WWDC.

Has Apple released official hardware specs on lombard, yet? If not, I hope the spokesmodel was mistaken.

We think that the spokesperson was probably incorrect, but we haven’t yet received our Lombard to confirm.

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