Lombard Availability: the Latest!

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Lombard availability continues to be a moving target, here is the juice from the players:

  • Apple Store: “Conservatively” estimates that all orders placed today will be recieved in 5-7 business days in the United States.
  • Outpost.com: Waiting for Apple to ship – declined to give a date because of uncertainty of Apple’s position.
  • CDW: As of today, CDW has 80 400 MHz machines on backorder. Apparently a few came into CDW yesterday, and they were promptly shipped out. There are appox. 70 333 MHz machines on backorder. A good bet looks like 15 June.
  • MacMall: None have shipped yet – they have not received any machines from Apple yet. Apple has said that they will receive machines on June 10th, and so MacMall will start shipping then.
  • MacWarehouse: Apple has given MacWarehouse a date of June 22nd for both the 400 MHz and the 333 MHz models. They have not recieved (and thus, have not shipped) any PowerBooks at all yet.
  • CompUSA: We have had reports of many CompUSAs recieving a few 400 MHz machines each. If you hurry, you might be able to snag one.

For updated price info, be sure to eyeball the PowerPage Lombard Tracker!

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