Lombard Speed Bump Already in the Works

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Although the newest PowerBook is just beginning to trickle into retailers around the United States, sources are already sending us information about a Lombard speed-bump that is reportedly in the works for a late summer or early fall introduction. Most sources indicate that the revision 2 Lombard (any bets on the name?) will have a clock speed of 433 MHz running at the same 66 MHz bus speed as the current model, but one source mentioned the possibility of a 466 MHz configuration – the result of a bus multiplier of 7 on a 66 MHz bus.

Pricing is expected to be the same as the current 400 MHz model (US$3499) with a 10% discount expected on the lower-end models. The details of the speed bump are still unconfirmed, we will continue to follow the story and report the details on this page.

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