Looking for a USB Printer?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Look no further:

GCC has a laser printer that comes with a USB port on it for $699! Actually, a couple of their models do. I’ve been looking for one of these for a while for some of my clients that have an iMac or B&W G3. Sure they could’ve purchased one with the 10-BaseT ethernet port or a PC printer with a USB to serial converter or PowerPrint, but all that is a hack and it winds up costing almost as much. (Darn that Adobe for charging so much for the PostScript license!) All Macs (new ones at least) have USB, so where are all of the USB laser printers?. GCC’s Elite 12/600 USB weighs in at $699 while it’s cousin, the 12/600N weighs in at $849. (Technically it weighs in at 18 Kg, but that’s not the point.) The only difference is that the 12/600N adds a 10Base-T ethernet port to the existing USB and Bi-directional parallel ports and supports TCP/IP printing. The printer can listen on all ports simultaneously. The salesman I spoke with at GCC informed me that you cannot share the USB printer using printer share or anything he knows of. If you need a shared printer, buy a shared printer. If you need a printer to attach to your iMac or B&W G3, get a GCC 12/600 USB. We have an older 12/600 here at the office that lacks a USB port and it performs quite nicely. It’s very similar to the old Apple LW 12/640.

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