Luggage for Lombards

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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One PowerPage reader inquires:

Do you have a list of available and good carrying cases for Lombard PowerBook G3s? I just got one, need a good case, and can’t really find something that is good, compact, classy, etc.

We recommend checking out the PowerPage Reviews page for a couple reviews of PowerBook bags. Though none of the reviews are Lombard-specific, some of the issues are still relevant for when you go out and try out different bags.

Probably the best way to pick out the bag that is right for you (and it is a personal preference) is to bring your Lombard out to a local computer store, if you live anywhere near one, and slip your Lombard into any bags on display, carry it around the store, and see how it feels. Check out the bag’s compartments, how snug the PowerBook fits in the case, and the padding to absorb shocks when you drop the case.

If you have a PowerBook carrying case that you really like, please drop us a line about it at

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