Luggage Week: Boblbee? What the Heck is That?

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Date: Wednesday, August 1st, 2001, 14:03
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What is a Boblbee? is it someone’s name? is it some scientific name of a living organism? not exactly…

Boblbee is described as an “urban” backpack. This pack has been mentioned multiple times on this site with people testifying to its uniqueness and versatility. I have always thought that this backpack was eye-catching and kind of exhilarating (yes… a backpack can be exhilarating), but I have never really seen this pack in person until a recent trip to the San Francisco Metreon.

This bag features a monocoque hardshell, unique bellow flex that allows expendability and accessibility, and a terrific (and comfortable) lumbar support system. It also has a built in computer slot with accesorry pockets. Not only that, this pack has accessories that only a true gadget freak would enjoy.

I purchased the Megalopolis Model in the 2Blue color with a long list of accesories. I can attest to its usefulness and style. Although I haven’t had the pack for very long, I envision many uses that don’t include just hauling my little old pismo around. The one caveat about this pack is its price. But the customer service at Boblbee were pretty accommodating and gave a discount to this starving college student. Just email them… who knows what they can work out for you.

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