Mac Addiction Intervention on Oprah?

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Date: Thursday, April 25th, 2002, 16:35
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Today Oprah had on people who had unusual “addictions” they needed help with. The first couple featured a Mac Addict extraordinare who named his T-Book “Macalena” (or something like that), had a house full of Macs, and had a real hard time pulling himself away for even a few minutes (sound familiar?). His idea of a date with his wife was to go down to the local CompUSA stores and play with the new iMac. Very funny for my wife (T-Book addict) and me (worse iBook addict). They had a squad of computer guys (in 3 PT Cruisers) come and take away all of his computers for a week (he also had a garage full of older models, so they had to go, too.) During the week, with significant withdrawal pains I’m sure, he learned to spend “quality time” with his wife and son (play baseball, etc.) again.

Appropriate recovery program? Or cruel and unusual punishment? You decide. (If you’ve seen ME play baseball, you’d tell me stick with the `Books.) Obviously we need to better define “quality time.” -PK

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