Mac OS 10.1.5, Blue-Screens and my PowerBook DVI [updated 2x]

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Date: Wednesday, June 5th, 2002, 12:00
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Apple released Mac OS 10.1.5 via Software Update last night.

I downloaded the 24 MB update and installed it on a new PowerBook (DVI) 800MHz with 1GB RAM and a 60GB HDD. Upon restart, my machine hung on “waiting for local disks” for an unusually long time (>20 seconds), then the dialog went away leaving only an arrow cursor on a blue background. The arrow turned into the new 3D blue sphere cursor for about seven seconds, then back to the arrow cursor again.

That’s it. My machine just sat there staring back at me with a blue screen. I thought this only happened with Windows? Nothing happened after waiting almost 30 minutes on the blue screen. After trying several reboots I was forced into a 1.5 hour re-install of 10.1.4 from the original CDs. (Serious Peve: the “Time remaining…” in those installer screens is total B.S!).

The 10.1.5 update (build 5S60, incidentally) installed fine on my girlfriend’s iBook (600MHz, 384MB, 20GB) so I figured that I was in the clear to install it on my DVI.

I am not sure if it is the 1GB of RAM in my DVI 800 or some other factor (drive partitions?) that caused the problem, but I would highly recommend that PowerBook DVI owners stay away from the 10.1.5 update for at least a few days.

[Update 2]

After reading several of your experiences, I was able to get 10.1.5 to install properly on my PowerBook DVI 800MHz. First, I deleted all of the login items in the Login system preference. Then I booted from the Mac OS X CD that came with my PowerBook and selected “Open Disk Utility” from the Installer menu. In Disk Utility I ran a Verify of the HDD and it reported no errors. I then erased a Jaguar (10.2) build from my second partition from the “Erase” tab within Disk Utility.

I figured that since I already downloaded the update I would save the extra download by installing “MacOSXUpdate10.1.5.pkg” from Computer/Library/Receipts. No dice. The “MacOSXUpdate10.1.5.pkg” shows up as a 1.5MB file and reports an error almost immediately after clicking install. Since Apple has not posted the 10.1.5 update on either the Recent Software Download, Mac OS X or Mac OS X Support Web sites I was resigned to downloading it again via Software Update. This time the install worked fine and finder and window re-draw performance is markedly improved.

What has your experience been with Mac OS 10.1.5 on your PowerBook or iBook?

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