Mac OS 9 Incompatible with GV Platinum Pro

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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PowerPage reader Bob Snow noticed an apparent incompatibility on his PowerBook 2400 with Mac OS 9 and the GV Platinum Pro PC card:

I received Mac OS 9 yesterday and installed it on the second HD’s of my three machines. For various reasons it is unusable on all three:

PowerBook 2400 – The GV Platinum Pro PC card modem is completely incompatible. No ethernet or Modem with OS 9. Hope the skeleton staff at GV can implement afix for the discontinued 33.6 combo card. I understand this is also aproblem for the 56K cards.

PPC 8600 with Newer 266 MHz G3 – Machine is unstable. Crashes often. Likelya reported incompatibility with my ultra wide Jackhammer PCI SCSI.

TAM – Personal Backup 1.2.3 crashes. Strangely, it works fine on the othertwo machines with OS 9.

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