Mac OS ROM Update Addresses USB Issues

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Apple posted Mac OS ROM Update 1.0 [2089 kb] late today. The Read Me files appears to have good news for Lombard users that have been suffering with poor USB performance:

Based on customer and developer feedback, Apple has made improvements to its software for the iMac, blue & white Power Macintosh G3 and bronze keyboard PowerBook G3 Series customers. The Mac OS ROM Update 1.0 replaces the Mac OS ROM version 1.4 with version 1.6, which includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an intermittent issue where after startup the keyboard/mouse does not respond when a mouse is attached to the top (or left) USB port and a keyboard attached to the bottom (or right) USB port.
  • A possible crash on the PowerBook G3 when removing an attached USB keyboard at the same time as putting the unit to sleep.
  • Hot swapping a media bay device into a bronze keyboard PowerBook G3 would not always recognize the device.
  • Using the Target Disk Mode feature on the bronze keyboard PowerBook G3, a user can only use the SCSI ID setting of 2.

Additional information not included in the Read Me with this software: Bronze keyboard PowerBook G3 customers should check their currently installed version of Mac OS ROM before downloading this update (Mac OS ROM 1.6 may already be installed). Apple recommends that this update is used on Netboot client images for connecting to Mac OS X Server. For information on how to do this, please see TIL article 60363.

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