Mac OS X 10.1.3 bad for PowerBooks [updated]

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Date: Monday, March 4th, 2002, 00:00
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2/19/2002 – Finally — external DVD playback arrives on the TiBook! Software Update 10.1.3 “improves the reliability of Mac OS X applications” and delivers these updates:

- Expanded support for QPS, EZQuest, LaCie, Yamaha, Sony and MCE Technologies CD burners
- Improved iPhoto and Image Capture support for several digital camera models from Canon, Kodak and Sony
- PowerBook G4 supports DVD Playback on external VGA displays
- PowerBook video mirroring is on by default when connecting to a new display
- iTunes includes improvements to the full screen visualizer
- LDAP and active directory services support login authentication
- OpenSSH version 3.0.2p1
- WebDAV supports digest authentication
- Mail supports SSL encryption

Meanwhile, Micromat has readied a 1.04 update to its Drive X disk repair software, including (finally) a progress bar, compatibility with new machines, and other enhancements.

3/4/2002 – This is the first Mac OS X update to get our Do Not Install warning. Apple has posted Mac OS 10.1.3 as a separate download but it is still not recommended for PowerBooks. Read and contribute to the comments below.

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