Mac OS X 4L5 Update Unofficially Available

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Many people have been wondering about when the first update to Mac OS X will be released. The popular opinion has been that it will hit Apple’s software update service some time today (Friday) but early adopters who just gotta have it can download it right now from a news story on Apple Onlooker. Here is the direct link [4.2 MB] in case it gets removed.


Early reports indicate that the update improves performance for G3 processors slightly more than it does for G4s and eliminates the “Build 4K78” moniker from the About This Mac dialog box. Note the new version and build info in the screen shot above, the update is called Build 4L5 inside Apple. The expanded archive consists of two files:

  • 10.0.1Update.pkg [3.8 MB, modified 3/26/01]
  • SoftwareUpdate131.pkg [620 KB, modified 3/21/01]

Please note that this is not an official update from Apple and it is not supported. In fact, with the actual release scheduled to be release any time now I do not recommend that you install it.

If are only testing Mac OS X on a non-production machine and decide to ignore my warning above, share your results with the rest of our community using the feedback link below.

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