Mac Users Lead in RC5-64 Encryption Challenge

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Given advances in internet bandwidth and greater numbers of programmers out there, the PowerPageexpects more and more collaborative processing projects to be getting off the ground soon. Thisis all an extension of the internet gift culture that usually ends up with many interestingcommercial applications. A vigilant reader let me know aboutTeam EvangeLista and theRSA Laboratories RC5 Encryption challenge.

The 56-bit encryption standard the federal government approves of for use and export was crackedin less than a year by a number of users in their free time. To prove that a 64-bit standard (256times harder to crack) is insufficient to provide privacy, RSA Labs made a public challenge tocrack its RC5-64 encryption algorithm, offering a $10,000 total cash reward for the firstindividual or team to decipher the encrypted secret message. To date, the Mac Team EvanageListais leading in total processing, beating out Linux and Win32 based teams around the world by nearly 25%, but needs help in taking over the daily lead totals.

A reader noted that the client software for this project doesn’t work with Mac OS 8.6. Others have noted memory leaks and a shady install. One reader made some recommendations:

Increase the Memory allocation by 300k, and also turn OFF the MP Enabled check box in the prefs.

Anyone have anything to report on this?

If you’d like to check out a Mac site for allthings distributed or join the RC5 team I’m sure theywould appreciate the support. It would be a great opportunity for Mac users to get onboardanother great project.

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